Time for Christmas

The Christmas season has finally arrived at Flying Camel! We put the tree up and decorated it, making the office feel rather festive despite the lack of snow, which we are all okay with.

During the weeks before Christmas it feels like there is so much to prepare but if you start now you have about three weeks to fit it all in!

Some tips to help:

  • Shopping: Create a list ahead of time and have an alternative gift for each person, just in case you first choice is sold out. The second most important thing about gift buying is to actually try and start earlier than later. It gets to be a little stressful leaving it all to December 24th.
  • Cards: Make a list of everyone you want to send a card to in order to make sure no one is missed. Then you have to deal with all of the cards your receive… either buy or make a decorative cardholder so they don’t turn into clutter.
  • Food: The key ingredient for Christmas cooking and baking is to make ANOTHER list! That way, when you actually get around to whipping together the food, you don’t have to stop half way through the recipe to run to the store and pick up what you are missing. By this time we have all had enough of the stores anyhow.

Good luck!

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