There’s a Group for That

I remarked to a co-worker recently that there seems to be an organization or association for anything and everything these days. And today I was listening to the CBC, I know, how cultured am I? Truth is, CFNY wasn’t playing anything I liked. But I digress. So, as I was listening to the radio, they were discussing how a group in Calgary started Bow Tie Thursdays.

Founded by a trio of Albertans in the oil and gas industry, this social and philanthropic organization encourages bow tie lovers, both men and women, to rock a bow tie on the first Thursday of every month. Don’t think the fashionable festivities end here. Bow tie enthusiasts are encouraged to gather for breakfast or lunch and meet after work to share stores and yes, drink scotch. Even high-end retailer Harry Rosen came on board as a sponsor, hosting quarterly Bow Tie Thursday party’s (even Hugo Boss has participated!).

With all the media hubbub surrounding the handsome clad, Bow Tie Thursday has begun to quickly spread across Canada, with Toronto as its second chapter and Vancouver taking part just this past March. It’s funny how something as simple (or sophisticated) as a bow tie can bring together an array of like-minded people across the nation.

It’s this like-mindedness that has marketers across the globe looking for new research tactics in order to better understand the profile of today’s consumers. Psychographics look at the mental model of the consumer instead of the basic demographics. You see it every day. Log into your Facebook account and look at the advertisements. These ads have been specifically picked for YOU using social profile data. So what does a group of bow tie wearing, scotch drinking enthusiasts also have in common?

Check out the site. They have a fabulous logo and equally fabulous tagline, “Stay Handsome”. I LOVE IT. We are in a day and age where we can celebrate our strange likes and dislikes through a plethora of social media outlets. So if you’re thinking, “I wish my moustache and I had similarly-minded people to hang with.” Do a little digging and I think you can find an organization with just the right mingle.

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