Meet the new Intern, already one month in!

Meet Logan, our new social media intern this summer!

FC: Tell us about yourself?

I’m a proud Brantford native since the tender age of three. 18 years later, I’m now a graduate of Mohawk College from the Advertising & Marketing Communications Management program. I chose marketing as a career at such an early age, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve always been passionate about technology and digital trends, so it makes sense as to where I’m headed.

FC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where do I start? I have a long list of plans, but I’ll start with the ones that are 100% happening. I’m excited to be moving to London ON to attend Fanshawe College this September, for a post-graduate program. Afterwards, I plan on opening my own business to focus on different areas in digital marketing. Not only am I hoping for business success, but I’m also looking forward to travelling to more international destinations and seeing the west coast of Canada.

FC: What are some highlights of your first month with us?

Once you’ve been working on interesting projects with a great group of people, the time sure flies by! I’ve had the privilege of writing and scheduling social media content for Flying Camel, Global Shop, and our newest client, Hamilton Beach. I’ve done research for the clients, and dove-in on monitoring and engaging with different social media communities.

FC: What is one important lesson you’ve learned so far?

One important lesson I’ve learned so far and something I’m continuing to strive for is to improve on writing. Mainly the tone of voice for each brand, since every person comes to realize that every brand has a different target audience and each audience is interested in different styles of writing. You need to understand and visualize yourself in their shoes to write something that’ll peak their interest.

FC: What are you looking forward to during your time here?

To me the answer is simple, I want to immerse myself in content writing for some major Canadian brands and understand the strategy and background process of their social media channels. This will help me prepare for my upcoming program and future opportunities.


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