How Incorporating Video Into Your Strategy = Win

ThinkstockPhotos-496448965Although it’s not physically possible (yet!) to be in two places at once, live video streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope are making it pretty darn close. You can be sitting at home in your pyjama’s drinking coffee while watching the headliner of a music festival across the country. A pretty cool idea, right?

Live video streams are a great way for brands to bring their customers closer together, sharing interesting, real time content that is unfiltered and unedited. Whether you’re promoting a product launch, holding a competition or contest, hosting a panel discussion, or putting on a networking bash, you want to immerse yourself in the community and get eyes on your brand.

So what’s the best way to utilize apps like Meerkat or Pericope for your next big event?

  • Give viewers a behind the scenes look at events. This sense of exclusivity is an experience only people watching through will be able to access.
  • Get a Q&A going in order to keep your community involved! Have your followers tweet your questions to ask an interviewee. This will give your audience a whole new level of experience as viewers, maintaining your engagement and attention.
  • Instead of writing up a “What You Missed” blog post following an event, Meerkat and Periscope give you the ability to ensure everything is seen.

Over the next year, it’s expected that many brands will begin live streaming events as a way to better connect audiences and brands together. Over here at Flying Camel, you can expect to see us utilizing some of these tools at KBIS 2016! We’re introducing Design Bites – three-minute presentations that introduce new and exciting products to the kitchen and bath industry. Stay tuned! More info about Design Bites will be coming soon!

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