Going Social: All about Snapchat

Social media is one of the best ways for brands to connect and create communities. From sharing a just a few words to streaming live video, each social platform provides an interesting way to communicate. While there are hundreds of platforms to choose from, there are several that we use daily on behalf of our clients. In this blog series, our intern, Logan will analyze these platforms to share a glimpse at what each provides, how they are best applied to business practices and where they are headed in the future.  Here’s Logan:

First up is Snapchat! Did you know Snapchat was the first social platform to use real-time “temporary” picture and video sharing as its main feature? This fast-growing platform now boasts 200 million monthly active users. But, what benefits are there for brands using Snapchat and are there any drawbacks? I’ve listed some pros and cons below.


Snapchat is used primarily by teens and millennials for sharing moments that are available to view for 24 hours. With over 400 million snaps per day, brands have the potential to reach a young, socially-active consumer.

Customized Lenses and Geofilters let brands create a customized approach to content. When I use Snapchat, I always check to see if there are any special location/brand Geofilters to spice up my snap.

Snapchat users are more loyal and committed to using Snapchat versus other social media platforms. A recent study shows that 35% of Snapchat users aren’t using Facebook, 46% are not using Instagram and 58% are not using Messenger. This means that brands have the opportunity to connect with users who will not see their content otherwise.


Snapchat does not provide a specific analytics system like other social media channels. For now, brands can track views on individual snaps and add them up, which can make it difficult to prove the effectiveness of the platform to higher-ups within an organization.

Snapchat requires users to interact using swipes from all directions to pull a different menu which can be confusing to new users. I personally still have an issue remembering which way accesses what feature. Because of this, rival platforms have developed similar but simpler features and have given social media users an alternative to adopting Snapchat for their in-the-moment sharing.

While content ideas can be planned in advance, Snapchat doesn’t allow users to schedule posts ahead of time. Brands willing to adopt an in-the-moment content strategy and who are willing to accept mistakes may have a winning solution.

Despite these drawbacks, some brands have it figured out, like Sour Patch Kids. The sour and delicious candy gained 120,000 new followers in their original campaign by pulling off different public pranks and launching an outfit contest. Read about 6 other brands that are killing it on Snapchat here.

Blatant copies of Snapchat’s signature features are now available on many platforms including Facebook and Instagram – who make no apologies for copying the functionality – calling it a natural evolution in sharing. Where this social media underdog goes, the giants are sure to follow. So, what is on the horizon for Snapchat and its community?

Snapchat spectacles are creating long lines at vending machines, a new Snap Map feature that lets users share with friends exactly where they are on an interactive map, and finally Ad Manager and Snap Publisher. Ad Manager is the new self-service dashboard which allows brands to purchase and create their own Snapchat ads. While Snap Publisher will help advertisers and brands create ads by providing tools and templates to build from their existing assets.

The choice is yours. Should your business consider using Snapchat or are you better off adopting an in-the-moment strategy on platforms where you already have an engaged community?

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