Facebook Advertising – Connecting Brands to One Billion Users

Question: What do politics, cat sweaters, and interior design have in common?

Answer: Facebook.

Facebook announced today that one billion people across the world use their platform to connect with their friends, families, sharing information about themselves and things they are interested in. By liking, posting, or commenting, these people are creating communities based not on geographic neighborhoods, but on shared affinities.

What’s that you say? “Politics? Cat Sweaters? Interior Design?  These things have nothing to do with me, or my business.” Possibly not.  But, imagine that you are thinking of running for office, designing custom sweaters for newborn kittens or are a budding interior designer. Those one billion people have organized themselves into specific psychographic communities that have the ability to make or break your business.  At Flying Camel, we’re loving how this platform has opened up access to niche audiences that before were difficult to reach. The opportunity that Facebook provides to find and share your news with these people is unprecedented in the history of marketing.

Having been in the communications biz for years, we’ve been helping small and big businesses alike connect with their customers using a large variety of methods and platforms. One of the things we’ve noticed is that the online public-at-large has increased expectations of how the brands they interact with should behave. But, all that brand activity comes at a cost.

Facebook ads are one of the strongest tools available to online marketers. So effective is their targeting system that an advertiser may end up paying pennies per impression.  Pennies. That’s great news for small businesses. Conversely, large brands are feeling the pressure to provide a flow of engaging content and added value to their communities.  These companies end up spending millions of dollars a year on creative development, content curation, data reporting, and community management.

The fact that Facebook is a free platform can be somewhat deceiving. In reality, the extent to which your business can leverage Facebook and its ability to reach those super specific targets depends largely on your budget.  Deciding what you can afford and how Facebook might support your overall marketing plan isn’t easy.  But when used effectively, Facebook pays off.  We’re talking a billion people here.  Someone is going to want to buy your crazy kitten sweaters.

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