Spring/Summer Design Trends Through The Eyes of the Camels

As an agency operating in the interior design industry, our team is always keeping up to date with design trends. From home offices and multifunctional spaces, to nature-inspired design and the rise of outdoor living, read the top 10 spring and summer design trends for 2021 through the eyes of the Camels!

1. Earthy, Grounded Shades

Earthy tones, like Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams, are heating up the design industry taking inspiration from the outdoors and bringing a calming sense of nature indoors. This has been my colour palette inspiration while decorating my new condo in Burlington, Ontario. Greens, blues, and earthy neutrals soothe the soul! The kitchen featured below (AKA my dream kitchen) was designed by Sabrina Smelko featuring Elmwood cabinets in Benjamin Moore’s Sage Green. 

– Rachel Coakwell, Account Specialist

Image credit: Design by Sabrina Smelko, photography by Darby Magill


2. Flexible Spaces

I just moved into a new home with an open concept main floor. With all areas flowing into each other, it’s important to create designated spaces with thoughtful design throughout – especially now that I’m spending more time at home. We just purchased a new desk, creating a space for my fiancé to use and store his laptop while also doubling as a console table for drinks and decor behind our sofa. 

– Olivia Jackson, Account Manager

Image credit: Design by Halina Catherine, photography by Michael Graydon


3. Thinking Bigger with Small Backyards

As the owner of a small backyard I often see the constraints of my space, but the only limitation is one’s imagination (and pocketbook). A small space with a great design plan can be more inviting and just as beautiful to spend time in alone or with friends and family. 

– Lily Cocetta, Creative Director

Image credit: New Decor Trends


4. Open Shelving On Display

As someone who loves to frame anything and everything from artwork and magazines to basketball memorabilia or old family photos, a great way to show them off is by incorporating floating shelves into your home design. These shelves allow you to arrange and rearrange pieces as you please, giving you the freedom to remove or add new pieces to your gallery collection. 

– Christopher Argoso, Account Coordinator

Image Credit: design by Kimberly Pesch and Anne Sage, photography by Monica Wang


5. Modern Traditional

After moving into his family home, my fiancé and I decided to renovate it. While the home is only 20 years old, his parents had a more traditional style – dark cherry wood cabinetry, ornate pillars and lacquered brass door hardware imported from Italy. While the home was in incredible shape, we wanted to modernize it while maintaining some of the traditional elements and character of the home. Enter in – Modern Traditional design. This design style has  nods of traditional accents  with shaker-inspired elements mixed in, all done with a slightly modern twist! While we have decided to keep the existing door hardware – Schlage’s Custom Glass door hardware was a close second choice. Their line of glass knobs are the perfect way to incorporate traditional elements with a fun modern twist. 

– Madison Biancucci, Account Coordinator

Image credit: design by Studio McGee, photography by Ryan Garvin


6. Taking the Indoors Out

Sitting outside enjoying the warm weather and fresh air – sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Now, more than ever, we are eager to get outside (cabin fever anyone?) but we still need to be safe. Backyard patios, front porches, and balconies all provide an extension of your home’s living area. I’m always inspired when I see outdoor spaces created by some of Canada’s great designers. Even though summer is still a few weeks away, we set up our backyard with a comfy seating area, a weather-proof area rug, and a fire table. It’s great  for sunny days and perfect for chillier nights. Come the weekend, I like to make a fun cocktail/mocktail (Pina Coladas with my Hamilton Beach blender is my top choice!) and just sit and enjoy the surroundings in our outdoor living room.  

– Marnie Ivanich, Director of Client Services

Image: Marnie’s outdoor patio area


7. Statement Tiles

In the original design of my new laundry room, I said “no” to the statement tile trend and decided to keep it simple with a painted backsplash. But now that the room is complete and I saw such gorgeous new tiles at our client Ferra Flooring’s showroom, I changed my mind! I’m jumping on that trend and recently purchased tile for the back wall above my washer and dryer – the final element of my new room. I think this tile will make the statement and finish the room perfectly!

– Leanne Wood, President

Image: Leanne’s “almost” finished basement reno with bling laundry room and home gym.


8. The Rise of the Home Office

Since we all started working from home last year, we’ve gone from the conference room to the Zoom room. My favourite trend of 2021 may have been born of necessity but I love that the home office is finally getting its due. From designing a space that we’re proud to have as a Zoom background to all of the lighting and tech possibilities to make it all function, I can’t wait to see how this important sector develops. 

– Kimberley Williamson, Vice President

Image credit: Design and photography by Natalia Miyar


9. Incorporating Vintage Elements

I love incorporating vintage and antique furniture and decor into my home to add visual interest and as a way to use sentimental items in my everyday life. I have my grandmother’s 1940s copy of The American Woman’s Cookbook on display in my kitchen, a collection of Depression-era glassware in a refinished china cabinet that belonged to my partner’s mom, and a quilt made by my great-grandmother draped over a spare room bed. These touches make me feel connected to past generations, and add character to my new-build home.

 – Allison Kennedy, Account Manager

Image credit: Christina, the White Pepper Vintage


10. Outdoor Kitchens

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that most of us have been underusing our outdoor living spaces. Now is the time to extend our homes outwards and into nature. I live in a condo in downtown Toronto, so my nature is a bit more like a concrete jungle, but I daydream of grilling up a delicious steak in a beautiful outdoor kitchen. I get a lot of my outdoor living inspo from various kitchens built by Urban Bonfire, Sherwood Outdoor Kitchens, and Station Grill, all of which use Dekton by Cosentino surfaces that can withstand hot Canadian summers and cold Canadian winters.

– Erin McKay, Director of Public Relations

Image credit: Sherwood Outdoor Kitchens, Photographer: Spencer Watson

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