Overshare Alert: Conference Call Confessions

Flying Camel is an agency built on partnerships and solid teamwork, and when your teams are spread out across the continent, successful collaboration relies on lots of conference calls. With tools like Slack, Zoom, and Join.me, we don’t need to be in the same room to get the job done. Regardless of where we Camels happen to be sitting, occasionally, the knowledge that you only have to be heard and not seen presents the opportunity to.. multitask.

From acts of self-care to handling life’s daily administrative tasks, here’s a bold list of activities we’ve done during conference calls – with our colleagues on the other end of the line being none the wiser. All we can say is, thank goodness for the mute button.

Our Conference Call Confessions:
Answers are presented anonymously to protect the integrity of our pack. Camel commentary added in parentheses should not indicate guilt.

Checking/answering email (Who doesn’t!)
Dentist appointment (Sounds like powered-up multitasking as long as no one asks you a question!)
Folding laundry (It’s the best time!)
Hair appointment (Treat yo’ self)
Meal planning, potentially including a trip to the store (Hey, a Camel’s gotta eat!)
Eating (shout out to the MUTE button)
Nail care (Graphic content warning: The other end of pens make great cuticle pushers)
Picking kids up or dropping them off at school
Dealing with kids while working from home (I keep a nerf gun at my desk in case they sneak in my office)
Going through a car wash (It’s a great feeling to get through a marathon call with a clean car)
Standing at the fridge (I’d be doing this anyway)
Blow-drying/straightening hair (demonstrating complete disengagement, but it was an optional FYI call…really!)
Managing dogs (Dogs are Camels too!)
Sitting on a dock (Nice work if you can get it!)
Browsing through racks at a mall on a girls shopping weekend (Perfectly acceptable if shopping for cute, business casual work outfits?)
In the hallway at the gynecologist (Health is wealth!)
Checking out at the LCBO (Better than walking out without paying!)
At the top of a ski hill on an ATV (Brave)
In a cab taking in the scenery (The best ideas come from the strangest places, sometimes. We don’t judge)

Your turn: What are some of the most surprising/strange things you’ve done on a conference call?

Kimberley Williamson

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