Hobbi, Facebook’s new personal project app, is here. Should Pinterest be worried?

What is Hobbi? 

Facebook has launched another new app via it’s New Product Experimentation team called Hobbi. The app allows users to collect images of hobbies or interests, and like Pinterest, sort them into boards where users can track their progress. Although users don’t have the opportunity to build a community in this app, they can create videos to export and share externally with friends and family.

What makes Hobbi unique? 

While similar to Pinterest, Hobbi focuses on DIY and tracking personal progress to see development in that hobby. Unlike Pinterest, Hobbi is less about showing off and collecting personal interests, and more about encouraging personal development. As of this soft launch, Hobbi does not include a social networking component or search capabilities and is solely geared towards personal use. 

Not currently available in Canada, Hobbi is being tested in the US, Columbia, Belgium, Spain, and Ukraine. Facebook has said the app will be shut down if people don’t find it useful.  

Here’s our take on it:

Assuming, Hobbi becomes available, should you test it out? If you’re into tracking home renovations, DIYs, and hobbies in one place, go for it. But, if you’re looking to share any of your projects across social platforms to collect likes and get famous, Hobbi isn’t there yet. For now, think of it as a virtual project binder to track images and project progress. 

While everyone has been quick to compare Hobbi to Pinterest, we don’t see the two as direct competitors (yet). However, if Facebook decides to expand the app’s features, Pinterest will have something to sweat about. From an influencer marketing perspective, we see this tool being useful to create complete project overviews, with easy product integration, but the lack of social connectivity would prevent sharing in-app with a brand or target audiences. 

Facebook is in the experimentation phase with Hobbi, and while our hopes are high, we may never have the chance to give it a try.

For more details, read this reference article from Social Media Today. 

Rachel Coakwell, Grace Hyslop and Olivia Jackson.

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