3 Surprising Ways Agency Pros Can Hone Their Creativity This Summer

Creativity is the lifeblood of any successful marketing agency and Flying Camel is no exception. As summer kicks into high gear, it’s the perfect time for us pros to recharge and fuel our creative juices. While beach vacations are wonderful options, here are 3 close-to-home ways to break out of any rut and foster creativity this season.

1. Embrace Adventure: (Bonus points for getting outside)

Stepping outside the office and immersing yourself in nature can be a powerful catalyst for creativity. Engaging in outdoor activities like hiking the Bruce Trail, biking along the Toronto waterfront, or even a simple walk on a different route in your own neighbourhood can stimulate the senses. The sights, sounds, and scents of nature can awaken dormant ideas and inspire innovative approaches to campaigns.

2. Seek out the Unrelated:

Summer presents an opportunity to explore hobbies unrelated to the work we do. Engaging in activities like the trendy pickleball, picking up a new instrument, or even learning to cook can ignite new neural connections and enhance divergent thinking. These activities offer a chance to experiment, take risks, and nurture a mindset that values exploration and curiosity. If this feels like a stretch, simply log into your Instagram or TikTok and follow some new accounts that are completely out of the ordinary for you. The insights gained from these disconnected pursuits can be surprisingly transferrable to marketing strategies.

3. Foster Cross-Pollination:

Collaboration and cross-pollination are not just for the bees! Summer is the perfect time to collaborate and network with individuals from different industries or disciplines. Look for meet ups, workshops, conferences, or events that introduce new perspectives. Cross-pollination of ideas sparks innovation and opens doors to fresh creative possibilities. Building relationships with different-minded professionals can lead to future collaborations and a broader creative network.

By embracing these unconventional approaches, creative and agency pros can tap into our creative reservoirs, rejuvenate our minds, and return to the office with newfound inspiration. Remember, summer is not only a time for relaxation but also an opportunity to unleash the full potential of your creative genius. What are some unconventional ways you like to recharge?

To help get you started, here’s a list of top 12 non-work related accounts to follow, curated by the Camels:













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